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life so far.

Well since my last update, I have re-enlisted for M6 options I will be in San Antonio for the better part of 2013. After that who knows. I do know that I am ready for a change in units. I wonder what school will be like.

In the mean time, I found out that I am going to be going to a CPR instructor course in September. I am looking forward to it since I have been asking for it for a few months now..

Also most of my postings will be at this website. Also that I am sure that very few people read this blog compared to the milblog I post to.


Much needed time off and time to think

I just got back from Texas yesterday and I must say the three weeks that I was there was very much needed. I got a chance to go to the coast, go to Dallas and catch up with friends and family. But while I was away I started to think about what I want to do after my contract finishes. I had plenty of time to consider my options about post Army employment and seeing what is out there. Some of them are the exact job that I am doing now. Nothing in stone yet, but considering the things going on at work perhaps a new direction would be what I am looking for.

One year without posting.

A whole year? Has it been that long. I guess that ever since getting admin privileges to a military blog on Word Press I have never really had the urge to go back. The only reason that I cam back to this site is that someone asked a question about a event that I wrote about on livejournal.

After watching the Social Network that the mention of Livejournal comes up in the beginning was the same time that I first joined. I mean College Club was still actively running.

Also it seems that many people are leaving LJ for more user friendly sites like FaceBook and Twitter. I guess that unless it relates to a subject specific item that online journals like LJ will just go away. I mean even FaceBook has a option do do what LJ does and considering that what people pay for the ad free account that you can do much better with Wordpress that in the next few years that people might think about livejournal in the same way that people do about CollegeClub; they do not.

What I have been up to lately

Thinks in Alaska have been going good. Both our parents have come up here ti visit us. We have gotten out to see some fun locations. Totally enjoying the fact that the sun does not set untail midnight and sun up is about 4 am. So 10pm feels like it is in early afternoon. The highest it has gotten here is about 72 degrees and that was for one day. We have seen several moose and even had a earthquake a few days ago. It is quite the state.!/album.php?aid=185892&id=673876684&ref=mf!/album.php?id=100000145431507&aid=14273&s=0&hash=18a0c90242790b0b81e69b1f1b70906b

Nathan has gotten huge and is talking a lot more. Most of my photos are now on Facebook and I have a few older vidoes of him on my youtube page.

As far as posting, I seem to be doing more of that on this site then on LJ. Feel free to stop by and drop a post or too.

Anyways that is a quick up and up on what is going on with me,

A update from my unit.

I have been waiting for a while now for news on my PCS award, a possible combat badge and my deployment orders that will allow me to add another Star to my Iraq Campaign Medal.

So I got this email today that has been the most positive thing I have gotten so far.

I checked on all of the things you called for. Your award which
was an ARCOM was sent off by Battalion so I guess just wait for it to
arrive, also they are still waiting for your Combat Medic Badge to be
approved. I talked to LT about it today. I will email a copy of
your deployment orders as soon as possible most likely tomorrow. Any
other questions please feel free to email or call me. Have a great day.

So tomorrow should be interesting.

PTSD: Who cares and who does not.

I wanted to revisit with one of the experiences that was brought up recently by the story of Eric Jasinski. He had been diagnosed with PTSD twice and was recently for going AWOL and missing movement to Iraq in December 2007. He had been to Iraq at least one time before in 2006. But because of the advice that he received he got 20 days in jail with a Bad Conduct Discharge. I think that is similar to one person that I have worked with a guy before. I have talked about him to a extent but I wanted to start from the beginning.

It started with a concern about on of the guys in PSD was having issues. I talked to him and he said that he had been seeing a off post doctor and he had been advised that he should not deploy because of his PTSD. The problem was that our Unit said that he was fit to go. I tried working with it seeing what I could do. I could not do much with the situation at the time.

I remember a conversation that I had with him at the JBB chow hall. You could tell he was frustrated about the situation, but I think I made some progress with him when I told him that even though I am lower enlisted that will do everything I can do help him. Then there was a unrelated setback when another member in my unit had a breakdown and had to be sent home. (He was taking PTSD medications and he had switched. The reason what he came in to have his old meds replaced because he dropped them in the Porta John. Something about the heat and how the medications reacted was the cause of the switch. Later he was found died of undetermined causes. The news did not go well for my friend.

So I had been working with him and offering him a ear. More and more he came to feel comfortable with talking about certain things. He talked about losing a teammate in 2005 and why he was coming at odds with other members of the PSD that seem to be hungry for a CAB. He had some very big concerns that by doing this and not taking things as seriously as he thought they should that someone was going to get killed. Something that made it worse was that I think that his event where he watched someone die in his arms was triggered by when another female hugged him to help him calm down. (She had been following the events up to that point) But He would tell me hsi frustrations about mental health. That because the doctors keep changing
that he would have to keep retelling things over and over before anything new could get examined.

That is why he would come to me about what he was going through. Also the new PSD Sergeant was very supportive in working with me and the PSD medic. We finally got him sent home for good around December of 2008 and I think they MedBoarded him out with a Honorable Discharge. It took some time ( about 6 months) but I think that we did it the right way.

So with this story in mind I would wonder where was his medic and how much he could have helped out in all of this.

A New Moon Review

Ok I went into to this without much besides the basic info and the hype. Ok so lets get started.

I take it back before I say anything else the author has her vampire's as glittering and with hooker red lipstick. Also the dialog has so much angst, melodramatic and emo that it needs to be said upfront because it is a theme throughout the entire movie.

First of all Bella our main character wakes from a dream that shows her being outlived by Edward. So the only logical thing to do is to have Edward turn her. So she proceeds to ask over and over to be turned even to the point where Bella and Edwards friend even vote on it. But Edward tells her not and he will be leaving her after one of Edward's friends goes spastic after Bella draws a blood from paper cut. So then Bella is now broken hearted and cries for days in her sleep. Not a normal cry but like a completely losing it cry/screaming. It was this point in the movie I wanted to smother her with a pillow, her dad must have had the same thought.

So she leaves to stay with a relative(?). There she meets Jack and friends who run around the movie topless and are buffed out. (Yea lots of fan service for the pre-teen fan girls.)So in every conversation he act like a 5 year old saying he has a secret and when you ask what it is he says that he won't tell.) So mean there is a "wild animal" that is killing people in the woods. Yea one guess on what that really is.

So Bella in between this has started to see Edward visions when she does something dangerous. So she actively find dangerous things to "just see Edward one more time". So in this she goes into the woods and runs into one of the Vampires that want to kill her. They talk with vision Edward coaching her on what to say. So finally comes the point where Bella is going to die a group of Large Wolves go after the Vampire. One stops and looks her in the eye and you see a human eye.(Yes we know it is Jack, you attempts at subtlety suck.) Bella remains oblivious to this. Also there is a second Vampire that Jack and friends are chasing down that has a connection to Edward. Don't know don't care.

A little later Bella's father and the relative(?) goes after the "animal" only to be attacked by the female vampire. The relive died and Bella's father avoids death when Jack shows up and chases her off.

Later Bella talks to more to Jake and his friends think that she knows what they are. So they go after him to tell her to get ride of her. She angers one of them and he goes full wolf. This is the scene where she runs away and Jack jumps over her turning into a Wolf in midair. They fight in one of the only action scenes in the entire movie. (This is a pure emo-chick flick with the illusion of a action movie). She finds out about the history that there is some kind of understanding between the Werewolves and Vampires in the area that prevents them from fully attacking each other. Jake meets Bella's Vampire friends and is awkward to say the least. Seems that they change when they get angry. (Yes they even steal the Hulk's "Don't get me angry lines".)

So Bella starts to miss Edward so she jumps of a cliff that she saw the (Shirtless buff)Werewolves in human form jumping earlier when she was trying to kill herself on a motorcycle. Well She sees Edward and the other vampire that is trying to kill her. Jake saves her and bring her home. One of Bella's vampire friends saw a vision where she had drowned. Seems that Edward saw the same thing and when he called to see if she was ok, Jake answered and told him that he had the wrong number. Bella freaks out that now that Edward things she is dead that he will try to kill himself.

So she follows Edward to Europe to find Edward trying to commit a Cardinal sin and taboo that that would force the Vampire Council to kill him. ( Imagine the Illuminate crossed with the judges of project runway, about the same effect but with glitter and hooker red lipstick.) She stops him and the two are asked to speak to the Council. All the vampire friends join the two at this stage. Seem the council sent the Female Vampire to go after Bella and wanted to kill her for knowing too much about them because of Edward. Edward fights the Council guards and gets his ass kicked. Edward is just about die when she begs the Council to kill her instead. The Council changes their tone from seeing her as a snack to the "one that we have been looking for". So they leave under the promise that Bella would be turned by one of Edward's friends because she could make a good vampire. They had a deadline to do it in.

So back in the States, Edward tells Bella that he only left to protect her having to deal with the vampires. They talk about moving her away so the Council would never find here. They go to leave and run into a shirtless Jake. They talk about saving Bella earlier and start with the verbal jabs. Jake brings up that that if the vampires turn Bella that the treaty will be broken and will result in open fighting. Edwards and Jake are about to fight (Another implied fight scene in the previews) when Bella jumps and stops them. Then she Edwards ask her to marry him and the movie ends.

Yep, that was the entire movie. Really? That's it?

So all in all a horrible movie that only a fan girl could love.

A happy ending is always a happy thing.

The goateed man was decked out in a formal Army uniform with a dozen medals pinned to his jacket and a Commander of the British Empire medallion hanging around his neck.

To blogger Mark Seavey, the “general” was an obvious fraud. Seavey’s fellow bloggers at the conservative “This Ain’t Hell” posted a photo of the alleged faker online, dead set on smoking him out.

“Wearing two Distinguished Service Crosses and a Combat Infantry Badge with two stars, is analogous to saying someone is a pitcher for the Red Sox and a quarterback for the Patriots,” said Seavey. “If that person existed, you would know about them.”

Having fun in Alaska

We are at the point where we have a working house and have guests. Only the basement and spare room have some boxes left over. Christine and I still want to paint the floor of the basement with that chalk paint so Nathan can write over it. He has a large enough pay space to use his out door toys.

Work is going great. We had a pot luck with a full day where we could be out of uniform and wear whatever we wanted. It was nice and we got a few questions about

I am going to try to working on my education at the University of Alaska in Anchorage. Classes should be starting for EMT in the Fall. Sent in my computer to go get fixed in time for it.

Speaking of weather it is the warmest since I have been here with temperatures going over 40 degrees. The icicles are melting fast and they are quite loud. Though the cold killed our battery a few days ago and had to be replaced.

Our next event that we are trying to go to is a dog sled ride along.


Writer's Block: Killer tomatoes

What's your favorite cult film of all time, and why? What are the essential ingredients for a cult classic?

If there was ever one I will have togo with Repo; the gentic opera. A sel-described blad runner mets rocky picture show with the gayness. The sound track is good and the plot is something that is not just a excuse to have a dance number.

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